Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Put More Oomph in Your Business

There's nothing like the energy boost generated by Denis Waitley, world renowned motivational speaker and author.  

He takes you out of any funk, lethary or feelings of failure, on up to a whole new level of belief in yourself and a vision to reach mountain tops.

Let's face it, any business owner has times when they need more "oomph", fresh ideas and other people to encourage and support them.

That's why companies hold large conventions or send their staff and management to educational and inspirational events.  They know the well can run dry.  Their people need to be refreshed.  Everyone needs to receive encouragement to grow, stretch and challenge themselves.

Business leaders of traditional or home-based businesses do whatever it takes to be sitting in the front row at events themselves.  Whatever they learn, they pass on to their teams.  They seek out other leaders to see what is working for them.  They take a little time also to laugh and have fun.

Denis Waitley will be speaking at the Usana International Convention the end of August in Salt Lake City.  You'll laugh with him, and be inspired.  He can also be your companion in the car when you listen to the monthly Usana Lifemasters CD's.

So how do you put more "oomph" in your traditional or Usana business?  

It's a mindset.  Set your mind each day on your most positive channel.  Believe in yourself and in others.  Learn something new every day.  Realize that you have the most incredible products and business opportunity on the planet to offer others. 

Thumb, drive, bus, or fly to the USANA convention!  You'll wish you had brought more people with you....

And call someone today to pass on your "oomph".  It's contagious.

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