Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Discover 16 Creative Ways to Generate More Business.

Whether you have a traditional or home based business, the constant challenges are the same:  customer retention and attracting new customers.

At a recent business function, the speaker encouraged us all to get up from our tables and circulate, asking one another for 3 ways to attract new people to our business, products or service.  Let's look at that now, and address retention on a future blog post.  

I completed the circuit with 16 ideas.  See if you are doing them all:

1.  Attend a variety of business functions and make a point of connecting with at least two new possible contacts for your business.  Be sure to get their cards and give them yours.

2.  Ask for referrals wherever you go.  Example, "I wonder if you could help me with something?   Our company is opening for business in China soon.  Do you know someone with connections there?"

3.  Determine a niche market and develop a strategy to reach them.  Example:  Parents of young children.  Create a blog with interesting articles for them.  Attend functions where they meet.  Advertise on Kijiji or Google with products and services to meet their needs.

4.  Stage events or programs.  Partner with a financial expert to address the creation of ongoing residual income.  Invite sports and fitness experts to help you run boot camps.

5.  Social Networking.  Attend seminars to learn how to use Facebook Fan Pages, Blogs, Linkedin and UTube effectively for business.  Then, be consistent with this communication medium.

6.  Be proactive with your health.  Hit the gym regularly.  Join a cycling or swimming group.  Be where other healthy people are and develop new friendships, which can become partnerships over time.

7.  Generation X,Y and Z..... What's important to them?  To have a lifelong business, you need the next generations to discover what you have to offer.  Find one or two who can lead you to others.

8.  Special Incentives for Family and Friends.  Sometimes this is the toughest circle of influence to reach.  Offer them specials.  Ask them to let you practise your presentation on them, and then ask for referrals.  Invite them to special events.

9.  Advertise.  Look for inexpensive but effective places to get your name known, to create curiosity and to generate responses.  Examples:  Kijiji and other sites online.  Place your business cards on bulletin boards and on counters in appropriate places.  Write articles for sports and business newsletters.  Watch for places "outside the norm".

10.  Make your calls at different times of the day.  Do a personal study on when people are most receptive to your calls for an appointment.  Example:  9 a.m.  Lunch.  2 p.m.  4 p.m.  7 p.m.  I've heard not to make calls at 11:30 a.m. when people are hungry, or at 4:30 when they are anxious to get home from work.  I also don't like sales people to call me doing my supper hour.

11.  Answer your phone and return calls and e-mails.  It's amazing how many sales are lost by not being prompt in answering people.  Even if you aren't interested in what they have to offer, be courteous.  They could be your customer in the future.

12.  Follow up.  This is the forgotten key to a successful business.  People need to hear about something 7 and more times before they see where it might fit into their lives.  They are busy and distracted by so much in life.  Your creative and polite reminders of what value you bring, will pay off.  Keep good records and follow up your conversations with information that is helpful for them.

13.  Ask Questions.  Examples:  If you could change anything about your health, what would it be?  If money was no object, what would you like to do in the next year?   If you don't change anything you are doing right now, will anything change?

14.  Make more calls.  Your 200 "no's" could lead to the million dollar "yes".  You aren't responsible for people's decisions.  You're just privileged to give them informed choices.  So, don't take their responses personally.  You are simply looking for those who are in "the looking zone".

15.  Qualify people.  What is their "why"?  Are they willing to get out of their comfort zones to reach their goals?  Do they have the funds available to develop a successful business, or to afford your products?  Are they trustworthy?  Would you enjoy working with them?  Give them a booklet or e-video to watch, and see if they follow through on them.  How serious are they?

16.  Partner up.  Brainstorm ideas with your teammates, other business people, family and friends.  Create a mastermind group to encourage one another's business efforts.

And that's just a start!  There are hundreds of ways to make your business more successful.  Do whatever it takes to push through your own comfort zone and explore new avenues for business development.

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Can you add another idea to the list?  I look forward to your comments.  "Give and it shall be given back to you."  

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