Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Xeriscaping Award for Usana

Usana's water-wise plan saves millions of gallons

When we see what measures Usana is taking to be more "green" in it's landscaping, it makes us wonder what more we could be doing with our own homes or businesses.   See the article below:

Published: Saturday, July 24, 2010
WEST VALLEY CITY — Tim Wood took rocks, bark mulch, wildflowers and even a volleyball court and turned them into a landscape that has reduced water use by nearly 3 million gallons since 2007.

The 130,000 square feet of xeriscaping at USANA Health Sciences doesn't look bad, either, garnering one of West Valley City's "Clean and Beautiful" awards during a recent City Council meeting.

Wood, who holds a doctorate in biological sciences from Yale University, is executive vice president of research and development at the corporation, which plans to add another 100,000 square feet of xeriscaping to its five-acre campus.

"This is a component of our overall green initiative, part of our environmental consciousness," Wood said. "Our company is all about health. One of our tenets is that human health and environmental health go hand in hand."

Over the course of a summer in 2007, the green team at USANA headed by Jeff Robertson instituted the first phase of the project, putting in low-water trees, plants native to Utah, a large patch of wildflowers and a dry river bed. And yes, there was the sand-filled volleyball court, which takes a water-wise approach and also fuels the passion of the company's chief executive officer, Dave Wentz, an ardent volleyball player.

The result is a 17 percent reduction on an annual basis in water usage.

Congratulations Usana!

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