Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Corporate Conventions Are A Must For Your Success

Deadline:  This Friday, July 16.  Take action now!

Those who move forward in any field, are those who keep growing and learning.  The faster you grow personally, the faster your business grows!

That's why corporate goes to the expense of providing an international convention where you can tour the facilities (expand your belief in the management and products).

Then, you'll meet the scientists, doctors and other business leaders who are there to share their expertise, answer your questions and give you a new vision for what is possible for your health and finances.
 Here's Collette Larsen, one of the most inspiring top Associates in Usana, sharing her amazing story of a journey from bankruptcy to phenomenal health and wealth achievements.

Check out the testimonials from last convention at Usana's Media Center 

If you need proof that Usana puts on the best convention, note that for the second year in a row, Usana has won first place for their International Convention at the American Business Awards (Stevie Awards) in New York City for Best Live Event in America (topping even Apple and other huge businesses).

Usana has secured rooms for only $100 a night.  Share rooms.  Drive there.  Roller blade there.  Cycle there.  Do what it takes to move your life and your business forward!

Registration ends this Friday, July 16.  Be there.  Get your team there.  Write it off as a business expense.  Think of it as a paid holiday in the beautiful Utah mountains.

See you at the Usana International Convention, August 25 - 28, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Deanna (and Dave) Waters

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