Sunday, July 18, 2010

Usana's Health Pack Highlighted in Celebrity News

Celebrity News Highlights Usana's Health's good to know we're in good company!  This is our favorite way to package our supplements.  (The photo shows the Usana Essentials...vitamins and minerals, and then the Health Pack with those, plus Active Calcium and an AO Booster).  The MyHealthPak is the next convenient below.


JULY 6, 2010 Celebrity News

"Maximize Your Multivitamin

Join the 300,000 people—including stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Stroup and Malin Akerman—who have already streamlined their supplements with USANA's MyHealthPak. A quick online quiz creates a personalized system that factors in your age and lifestyle and targets your specific health concerns. It comes with a personalized dispenser as well as labeled morning and evening packets, so you'll never have to count, sort or separate supplements again"

Other benefits of Usana's MyHealthPak:

1. No hassles at the airport.  No need to carry bottles of supplements in your luggage.  Light and easy, your name and the specific nutrients are listed on the A.M. and P.M. packets. 

2.  Away for supper?   No problem.  Just tuck the MyHealthPak in your purse or pocket to use easily at the table.

3.  Easy to remember.  If there's a PM packet left on the counter at bedtime, you know you didn't take it with your supper.  Do it now.

We've come to appreciate that the cells of the body need optimal supplementation throughout the day, to do battle against stress, environmental toxins and depletion of the food supply.  Add to that, the possibility for poor or fast food choices, and we know supplementation is a must.

Let me know if you need further information about the MyHealthPak or check it out at and take the Health Assessment located there.  It's quite fascinating.

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