Monday, October 18, 2010

Seven Substantial Ways to Create More Business

 How do you generate more business, increased income and profitability?  I've tried just about everything promoted in business books on the market, but seven simple truths stand out to bring more business your way.

1.   Take your mouth off mute.   Wherever you go, be excited to discover how you can help people.  Ask questions to determine what is important to them.  Then, set up appointments to explore how your business could bring value to their lives.  If your mouth is on mute, you'll miss hidden opportunities for new friendships and partnerships.

2.   Open the doors every day.  No excuses.  Whether online or in person, in some way, remind people of what you have to offer.  Bring something new to their attention.  Follow up appointments with helpful information.  It's pretty easy to e-mail a video or information sheet.  Social media is mega important - be there!  Twitter.  Facebook.  Linkedin.  etc.

3.   Ask for help.  Some of the best business is from referrals.  Ask for referrals. For example:  "Do you know someone who could benefit from this?" or, "Who do you know who would like to create another stream of income?"  or "Do you know someone who is really committed to being proactive about their health?"

4.   Give to others.  Give referrals to others.  Help them with their business or use their products or services where you can.  As you give, you will receive. 

5.   Be Positive.  Be grateful every day for all your blessings.  Your positive attitude and zest for life will attract others to you. When they see your dedication, your enthusiasm and genuine care to help them, they'll want to know more about what you have to offer.  People do business with you because they know you, they like you and they trust you.

6.   Use the tools.  It's all about marketing.  Once you know your audience, you'll know what message to give them.  Think about which tool is going to meet their need best.  I find that people are more likely to watch a DVD or listen to a CD sent by e-mail.  Many prefer to read a pamphlet or newspaper.  Refer them to corporate websites and blogs, plus your own.  Include links in e-mails that take them to specific information especially for them.

7.   Live on the edge.  Technology is constantly changing.  Attend courses or find personal help to keep learning and expanding your skills online.  Find out what is working for others in drawing business through Kijiji, Google, UTube etc.

Be adventuresome in your approach to business.  Attend interesting seminars where you'll learn and also make new contacts.   Add valuable insights on online business discussions.   Be seen as a leader in all venues.

No doubt there are seven more substantial ways to create more business, but follow the ones here every day, and you're sure to see increased income and profitability.

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