Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Important Reasons to Attend Usana's International Convention

I was just speaking with Patti Rugg, Gold Director and wife of Dr. Peter Rugg, MD, chair of Usana's Scientific Advisory Board.  We asked ourselves this important question:

What are some of the many benefits of attending Usana's International Convention, this August 25 - 28 in Salt Lake City?

1.  Friends.  Friends.  Friends.  We both agreed that one of the wonderful benefits of attending convention is meeting other Usana leaders, scientists and doctors.  That's where we met one another and we've been close friends ever since.  We've travelled to speak in one another's cities and keep in touch to encourage and spur one another on.  And of course, we've met so many other wonderful people at convention over the years too.

2.  Ideas.  Ideas.  Ideas.  You'll gain so many incredible ideas for sharing Usana, whether through the various product lines, events, or business approaches.

3.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  Usana has all kinds of fun events planned during the convention and of course they make all the sessions fun too.   Being surrounded with positive, enthusiastic Associates brings up your belief level 10 notches as you find yourself smiling, laughing and reaching for "Usana money" dropping down from the rafters.

 4.  Growth.  Growth.  Growth.  Your vision for what you can achieve personally, as well as a team, will grow substantially.  You'll move past all your excuses and procrastination to realize your full potential.  Everyone can achieve greater heights with Usana.  The tools are there.  You just need to learn how to use them.

5.  AntiAging.  AntiAging.  AntiAging.  As you learn more about the skin products, the supplements and other products, you'll be more committed to using them.  Now you will think long term to stay Vibrant and Healthy.  Younger and Full of Energy!

6.  Smart.  Smart.  Smart.  First dibs on new announcements for products and other initiatives!  You'll discover the new tools available to create greater momentum on your team.  You'll learn more about social media in ways that you can easily put into action.  You'll hear what others are doing to help people catch the vision of Usana.  Knowledge plus action will create a stronger business and excitement for your team.

Get the picture?  Make the Usana International Convention a priority.  It's an investment that can pay you back many times over throughout the years.  Some go to university for four or more years for a degree, to then start at the bottom in a chosen company.   Four days at the Usana convention can provide the info. you need to rise to the financial rewards of being a Gold Director and above, in a much shorter time frame, even months, when you apply what you learn.

See you in Salt Lake in August!  You must register by this Friday, July 9th.   (See our prior post for more inspiration to attend the convention.)

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