Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Keep Your Mojo Up

Whatever your career choice, including Usana, there will be times when your "mojo", or energy, or zest for what you do, may be a little low.    It can happen to anyone. 

Don't let yourself fall into that trap!  You deserve to be on top of the world with Usana.  And when you are enthusiastic and energetic, you'll attract others to you.

According to Marshall Goldsmith's book, MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back if You Lose It,  professional mojo is what you bring to an activity, but personal mojo is what the activity brings to you: happiness, reward, meaning, learning and gratitude.

What can you do to keep your journey with Usana exciting, meaningful and fulfilling?

1.  To boost happiness and learning, it could be a new tool, website or DVD that would be fun to use, providing a chance to pursue a new learning curve.   Check out: for new books, DVD's etc.  Check out the corporate blogs every day as well, for constant inspiration.

2.  To boost personal rewards, check out how the products are helping people you shared Usana with.  How have their lives changed?  It's rewarding to know that you made a difference.  

For instance, Paul Rohatensky is presently writing a blog on his journey with Usana, sharing the wonderful ways his life has changed since he and his wife Lynn met with us 10 years ago.  It's good to hear about it again, so that we continue to share with others, desiring to make a difference for them too.

3.  For greater financial rewards, tune into the corporate conference calls to learn what other leaders are doing to build their teams.  Make the Usana International Conference a must on your list.  This is where you'll gain immeasureable knowledge and inspiration to reach new heights with Usana.

4.  Set your attitude for gratitude.  Think of the ultimate benefit Usana brings to people and that you play an important role in helping them discover the benefits for themselves.

5.  Discover what activities you like to do in marketing Usana, and see how you can partner with others to delegate what slows you down.  For instance, hire someone to help organize your office, or to help you with computer input.  If you have a spouse, divvy up the business according to one another's strengths.

Here's what I have on a note to myself:  "Keep your mojo up. Bring other people up too.  Make this journey with Usana a fun and rewarding experience for your team and for everyone you meet."

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  1. Love your article, Deanna! Recounting our beginning in USANA reignites our passion for helping others get their start. USANA has changed our lives - thank you, so much, for sharing it with us & for being such awesome mentors! - Paul & Lynn

  2. You are an inspiration to many Usana Associates Paul. Keep your incredible "mojo" up as you share the message and encourage your team.