Monday, June 28, 2010

Leaders Must Develop Leaders For Successful Entrepreneurship

 Here's the acid test for business greatness:  If your senior leadership isn't investing a significant amount of their own time in educating high-potentials, that doesn't bode well for your business.  (Harvard Business Review, June, 2010)

That's key for creating a successful Usana team.  Great performance, moving up the ranks, is a direct consequence of having great people and a great culture.

I remember meeting over lunch with Two Star Diamonds, Paige and Daniel Hunter.  They shared how they have new Associates make two lists of names for people to contact: 1. Twenty people they would like to have on their "Board of Directors"... people with leadership qualities.  2.  Twenty people they would like to help with their health or finances.

The Hunters teach their new Associates to immediately determine to be leaders themselves, and then to choose and develop leaders for their team.  Everyone is coached to be life-long learners.

In Winnipeg, all the Gold Directors and above, take responsibility for the weekly presentations and trainings, welcoming the up and coming leaders to participate as well.  Those who are truly committed to building a strong Usana business, attend the weekly events, along with special events, where we invite scientists, doctors and other successful Usana leaders to lead workshops and presentations.

Usana provides weekly conference calls as well, to encourage Associates to learn and to develop their leadership skills.  It's imperative to attend the award-winning Usana International Convention in Salt Lake City in August, to gain the latest information and inspiration.  A true leader will move mountains to be there!

Leaders are always learning....and passing that knowledge on to their teams.  It's the responsibility of each Associate to take the leadership for their own business and help others do the same.

It's your choice.  I know that I find myself making excuses, or reasons, for holding back.  However.... Make excuses, or make money.  Make excuses, or make daily healthy choices.

Be the leader you know you can be!

Deanna Waters, Diamond Director, Million Dollar Club

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights on Lifemasters and the reminder of creating 2 lists.