Monday, June 7, 2010

Insomnia? Die Earlier or Find A Way to Solve It!

Insomnia Can Increase Death Risk Three Fold

Until 15 years ago, I was an insomniac, having trouble relaxing into a deep sleep. I was basically thinking and planning all night long, wishing I could just leave it all and collapse into sleep. Of course, that meant I was exhausted in the morning before the work day even began. Sound familiar for you, or someone you know?

New research suggests chronic insomnia may increase the risk of an earlier death by threefold. That’s serious enough to take notice and do something about it. Sleep is key to staying healthy. I’ve found a great way to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Read on if you need more convincing:

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, followed more than 2,000 residents of Wisconsin for up to 19 years, with the median age of 45, with half of them involved in a sleep lab. All were asked to report how often they experienced difficulty falling asleep, problems getting back to sleep, awakening repeatedly, or waking too early.

People were considered to have chronic insomnia if they reported any of those symptoms frequently – more than five times per month – on at least two surveys.

The survey, reported in the Winnipeg Free Press, June 7, 2010, reported that overall, the rate of death was two to three times higher in people with chronic insomnia, taking into account age, body mass index, alcohol use, smoking, depression and chronic conditions such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and sleep disordered breathing.

“People have this complaint but they don’t do anything about it. They should seek help,” said co-author Dr. Terry Young, a professor in the department of population health sciences at the university’s school of medicine and public health. “Many studies have been done showing that poor sleep is related to adverse health outcomes.”

What frees me to have a great night’s sleep? Not medications, although I tried that avenue unsuccessfully for six years.

It was a combination of nutritional supplements by Usana Health Sciences.

What a relief to wake up refreshed, full of energy and feeling younger and healthier!

Freedom from insomnia for me, started with the Usana Essentials (vitamins and minerals) I reserve two of the minerals for bedtime, since they seem to relax the body and mind. I add two Active Calcium (the chewable ones are also good for the gums, promoting good bacteria in the mouth while sleeping) Both products are listed in the doctor’s reference guides in the U.S. and Canada (The PDR and CPS), so you know they are pharmaceutical grade and guaranteed for purity.

Then, just lately, Usana introduced the Pure Rest melatonin product, which supports sleep, but also helps to maintain a healthy immune system and provide a defence against oxidative stress.

Don’t let anyone suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep! Let them know about Usana’s natural products that over time, may just provide the sleep support they need and add years to their lives (according to the university study).

For further information, please contact me at: 1-888-320-8250

Deanna Waters, committed to your successful health journey.

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