Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey Boss - Enough with the Big, Hairy Goals

Do lofty, ambitious goals really help motivate your Usana business (or other businesses) to achieve greater success? (In other words, become a Diamond Director in one year.)

"Having ambitious and well-defined goals is important, but it is useless to think about them much. My job is to focus on the small wins that enable my people to make a little progress every day," writes Robert J. Sutton, in the Tuesday, June 15 issue of Harvard Business Review online.

He points to an article by Karl Weick in The American Psychologist who says, "Focusing attention on the little steps not only clarifies what people need to accomplish on a daily basis, it also allows people to enjoy Small Wins.

What are the small steps that lead to Small Wins and then BIG WINS in Usana?

1. Complete the e-Apprentice:
Look under Training in the Associate site. You can do this in bite-sized pieces as you have time. Consider it takes four years to earn a university degree, so a total of 3 -4 hours to complete this phenomenal program is a small investment of time that can reap huge rewards. Go back to it often to follow up on your leads there and to refresh your memory on the information gleaned from top Usana Associates.

2. You'll learn in the e-Apprentice how to set your 5 year, one year and 90 day dreams and plans. Now you are down to bite-sized pieces. Keep referring to these, changing them as you progress.

3. 90 Day Goals: _____ # of calls to new contacts a day

_____# of follow up calls a day

_____ # hours to encourage and train team mates

_____# of appointments in a week

_____ # of Preferred Customers or Associates sponsored/monthly

_____ # of hours for self development in a week

_____ # of hours for exercise and rejuvenation a week

4. Help your team with their 90 day goals.
"Let them proceed calmly, with confidence, and with the motivation that comes from taking clear little steps - and they may just accomplish those big hairy goals," writes Sutton.

5. This isn't a race with anyone else. You just joined Usana and you have an ambitious goal to be a Diamond Director. That's fantastic!

Take this seriously.
Set your plans and take action every day. Become a Believer, jump to Achiever...then to Director and so on. You can do it, as you inspire and come alongside others on your team who have ambitious goals as well.

Most important....move mountains to attend the Usana International Convention! No excuses. Be there.

That's where you'll gain so much valuable'll be inspired by others....get the news first on exciting announcements....and you'll get a greater vision of what you can accomplish for yourself and others with this amazing company.

See you at convention, August 25 - 28!

Deanna Waters, Diamond Director 1-888-320-8250

Let me hear your comments....

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  1. Great tips, Deanna! Love the concept of breaking down things into bite-sized pieces. Makes it much more manageable and less intimidating, that's for sure.

    By the way, I really enjoyed your presentation on the latest LifeMasters. We appreciate all your support and enthusiasm for social media.

    See you in August.