Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eight Reasons Why People Say Yes

How do you make your decisions? Why do people say "yes" to you? 

Here are 8 reasons why people respond positively.

1. TRUST. People say "yes" because they know you, like you and trust you. We all think with our brains, but more often, we buy with our hearts and feelings. Something catches our imagination. A "spark" ignites our attention. We can picture something good ahead. We relate well with the sales representative. Maybe they have a "magnetic" personality.

This is true whether it's a relationship built face to face, by phone or online. It can take time to build a trustworthy relationship, or just as often, that first impression counts. The smile in your voice and on your face says, "you can trust me." Be trustworthy in your heart, and it will show through.

2. BENEFITS. No matter what you say or show, they are thinking, "What's in it for me?" "How does this help me?" Don't talk about the nice packaging or how it ranks in the marketplace. Rather, how will the product or opportunity benefit your customer?

3. SOLUTIONS. You are a problem solver. What is the "elephant on their foot?" Determine what a person really needs and wants, then work together with them to see how what you have to offer solves their problems.

4. STORIES. Facts tell. Stories sell. People like to hear how the products or opportunity have helped you and others. Don't embellish. Just share the true stories with enthusiasm.

5. LOVE. The underlying needs are what compel all of us to "buy". We buy love, security, wealth, happiness, better health and well being, self esteem, acceptance, success, freedom, friendship, status, self fulfillment.

6. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. With all that is said and shown, with all the stories and benefits related, they buy honesty. Is what you say true? Can they tell others about this with integrity? They want to feel good about what you are offering.

7. HIGH RETURN. They want something that works for them. In the case of a business opportunity, they need to know that with consistent effort and commitment to learn and take action, the returns can be substantial over time.

For instance, if you are good with figures, show them the compound interest of earning just an extra $100 a week for a full year, then for over five years, and investing all of that with interest over 20 years. An then, what if you made an extra $200 a week, or $1,000 a week and invested that over 20 years? The returns can be enormous.

What are the high returns for your products? The guarantees. The kinds of results they can expect. The solutions that will answer a deeper need.

8. FUN. Although we all might not admit it, we want to have more fun in life. So show how your products will release them to have more fun, more flexibility, less pain, greater freedom to golf or jog. The business opportunity gives them more free time for family and friends, chances to travel, greater tax benefits, more money to support their favorite charities.

That's just a start. You could add many more reasons why people say "yes". In general, when you concentrate on helping others, everyone benefits.

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