Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Usana Reset System Fuels the Biggest Winners To Lose Weight and Get Fit

The Usana Reset weight management system is the fuel for an eight week boot camp called "The Biggest Winners", held in Winnipeg. Each of the 20 women are taking the Usana Essentials (vitamins and minerals) plus the nutritional shakes and bars, as they participate in a total lifestyle change, recommended by the Reset program.

In the video, you'll see them exercising at a Canad Inn during cooler weather. On beautiful nights, they are at one of two parks in the city where there are hills to run and grass for floor exercises. First Choice Fitness also provides equipment and space as needed.

Led by Usana Associates, Angie Ledohowski, Cara Potenza and Susan Prohaska, the Biggest Winners follow the Reset plan of low glycemic meals and snacks, utilizing the Usana Nutrimeals and nutritional bars as directed. While many of the women are already losing weight, the biggest reward is in feeling more fit and energized.

To learn more about how the Usana Reset Program can benefit you, please can contact me at: 1-888-320-8250 or at: To order products:

Deanna Waters, Usana Diamond Director, Million Dollar Club, Fortune 100

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