Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Leadership Strengths for Success In Business

One of the best ways to discover and develop your leadership skills in business, is to learn from the best. We've all done it. Attended seminars and conventions. Read the books. Subscribed to e-zines from great leaders like John Maxwell.

Three particular leadership strengths always seem to be emphasized:

1. Your Mission: To make someone else's life better. When you center on others and how you can genuinely help them, they will know that. Ask what is important to them, what needs to change, and what they are doing to make those changes. Discover together what value your company and products will bring to them.

2. Leaders Do the Right Thing and They Pay the Price. One of the best comments a person could say about a leader is that they have integrity. They are honest. They follow through on promises. They don't gossip. Rather than complain about changes or problems, they look for the solutions and the positive side. And when they don't know how to handle a situation, they "do the right thing" for everyone involved.

3. Leaders Offer Hope. The news is filled with negative stories that dampen a person's spirit and steals their vision for good things to happen in the future.

But great leaders are encouragers. They call to listen and then to offer positive feedback. They send a written note of encouragement. Their e-mail messages share stories of success and words of hope for bigger and better outcomes, along with suggested plans of action.

Of course there are many more strengths in business leadership. But these are a good start and worth emulating.

Your enthusiasm and belief in others will help them to believe in themselves and to design a greater vision for their lives.

Give them hope beyond what they would ever imagine before, and they will go forward successfully with excitement and commitment.

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