Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Personal Trainers Give You Better Workout Results

Why would you hire a personal trainer for your workouts?

According to an article, May3, 2010, in the National Globe and Mail newspaper, a good trainer will help you assess your fitness goals, design a safe and effective program to meet those goals and motivate you to put in the necessary work.

My personal trainer for the last three years, Blake Wood, from First Choice Fitness in Winnipeg, seen in the photo, definitely inspires me to execute a wide variety of exercises. Without his guidance, I'd probably just do a few that I know and leave the gym early. He won't let me do that!

Again, from the Globe and Mail: "In a famous study at Ball State University in Indiana, researchers put two groups of 10 men through identical 12-week strength-training programs. The groups were evenly matched when they started, and they did the same combination of exercises, the same number of times, with the same amount of rest."

So, what happened?

"At the end of the experiment, one group had gained 32 per cent more upper-body strength and 47 per cent more lower-body strength than the other. No performance-enhancing pills were involved - the only difference was that the more successful group had a personal trainer watching over their workouts."

Of course, it does make a difference when your personal trainer is well qualified and certified to assess what is best for you. Psychologically though, I do a much better training session when someone directs me from one exercise to another, with a combination of weight training, cardio, balance and stability.

There's another study in the same newspaper that says regular exercise is the key to slowing down aging on earth (they studied astronauts). But that's for another post.

Meanwhile, find a qualified trainer and invest in your health regularly.

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