Monday, May 24, 2010

Foot Pampering For Summer the Sensé Way

Summer's heat and special footwear like sandals and flip flops can be hard on the feet in the summer. People also engage in more hiking, biking and outdoor sports. And what happens? Cracked heels and blisters, injuries, crops of new corns and calluses. Rashes of athlete's foot.

"The feet are ignored. We take advantage of them, we ignore them," says Dr. Kathleen Stone, president of the American Podiatric Medicine Association and a podiatrist - foot specialist - in Glendale, Arizona, quoted in a May 24, 2010 Canadian Press release.

The article goes on to suggest wearing a greater variety of summer shoes, keeping the very high-heeled gladiator sandals or ultra-strappy shoes for special occasions. Also, keep flip flops for the pool only, as they provide no shock absorption or support. Going barefoot has its hazards as well for injuries, fungus and infections.

How can you pamper your feet in the summer, keep them healthy, and avoid some of the dangers in the environment?

Start by taking 10 to 15 minutes to dunk your hot feet in cool water and then put them up for a rest.

1. Since damp, sweaty feet are a breeding ground for a variety of nasty stuff like athlete's foot, nail fungus and plantar's warts, plus bad odors, keep them dry. Air out your runners after use. Roll on a deodorant reserved just for your feet. Don't put powder in your shoes, as it just turns to paste when mixed with your sweat.

2. When you have your daily shower, use the Sensé Rice Bran Polisher on the bottom of your feet to remove dead skin and summer dirt. Then be sure to include your feet with the Firming Body Nourisher after your shower, to replenish the moisture and nutrients in a healthy way.

Also, when you are giving yourself a facial, be sure to give your feet the same treatment, including the Nutritious Cream Masque. Wrap them in a warm towel for about 10 minutes, and finish with the Firming Body Nourisher. What a wonderful treat! I do this once a week.

3. Contact Marie Bertrand, Skin Scientist with Usana, for her Skin Science Spa Protocols. The treatment for Foot Rejuvenation uses other Sensé products and is excellent. Contact her at: or call her Skin Science Clinic at 403-287-1477

Your feet carry your weight and deserve special attention. Sensé products are a great way to pamper them!

For further information or to purchase products, contact me at: 1-888-320-8250 or:

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