Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soak Up Vitamin D For Bone Health and More....

Children enjoy soaking up the sun, getting vitamin D in the process, an important nutrient for optimal health life long. Yet, recent reports, say North Americans are seriously lacking in vitamin D.

I know that I follow other studies that say we should only be in the sun during the heat of the day for 15 minute segments, to soak up vitamin D, but to avoid prolonged exposure to harmful rays from the sun. So we need the sun, but over exposure can be harmful too.

A flurry of studies suggest that low blood levels of the sunshine vitamin could be a contributing factor to many common cancers, adult onset diabetes, heart and bone disease, and other chronic conditions.

Vitamin D has been nick-named the sunshine vitamin because people make most of what circulates in their bodies themselves when cholesterol in bare skin is exposed to strong, summertime ultraviolet light.

It's interesting to note that recent studies from the Ontario government, suggest that Canadians (and no doubt Americans in the northern states) can't produce vitamin D at all in fall and winter because the sun doesn't get high enough in the sky, a factor that contributes to the low levels among those who aren't taking supplements, or getting the nutrient from diet, where it is found in such foods as fortified milk and oily cold water fish such as salmon.

The Ontario report didn't offer a strong opinion on whether, as many doctors believe, low levels of vitamin D might be linked to cancer, multiple sclerosis, a lower immune system, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases. The evidence "is inconsistent" it said.

What's the bottom line....and maybe the top line for optimal vitamin D a day?

1. Be in the sunshine 15 minutes a day for natural D from the sun.
2. Eat cold water fish; drink vitamin D fortified milk.
3. Take vitamin D supplements. I take Usana's vitamin D tablets, the Calcium Plus, which includes vitamin D, the BiOmega fish oil tablets which also include vitamin D, to get the optimal amount suggested for those in the northern part of North America. I feel confident in the products, knowing they are pharmaceutical grade, guaranteed for potency and purity.

If you want more information on vitamin D, there's a good website to check out:

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