Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeff St. Laurent Helps You Experience True Success

I just finished reading the book, "Being Fulfilled. How You Can Achieve Unlimited Wealth In Every Area of Your Life!" by Jeffrey St. Laurent, an internationally recognized business success coach.

He was one of the speakers at a recent Usana Super Saturday event in Leominster, Massachusetts, where we were invited to conduct a training session.

Jeff was so inspiring at the opening session that I wondered why we were there. Who needs us, when a man of such wisdom and enthusiasm is in our midst?!

Jeff is a Silver Director with Usana, on his way to the top, as he applies the principles in his book and best selling audio series: "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body". As a personal coach and fitness professional, he offers philosophies and easy systems for achieving your goals.

I found this observation especially interesting: " The link between health and profits is not breaking news. Researchers have looked at whether staying healthy and fit can help your chances at succeeding in business. There have been studies done with commercial and real estate brokers. Those who had regular exercise routines earned significantly larger sales commissions than those that did not..... Better Body, Bigger Bucks!"

And here's an important quote: "Whatever level you are on, realize that nutritious fuel will impact your business and your life greatly. Great nutrition will keep you alert and alive versus sleepy and sluggish. It will maximize your performance and your income."

For those who might get discouraged as they begin a healthier regime and a new Usana business, Jeff advises, "With both business and health there can be a lot of up-front work when you do not get paid or see results. It can seem like you invest countless hours, even years, and not see the big results. The one who stays in the game longest will reap the biggest reward."

In another chapter he talks about your energetic resumé, which will carry the most weight in your business success and ultimately close the sale for you.

You probably get the sense that Jeff's book is worth not only reading, but taking seriously as you apply his system and wise counsel.

Once again, Dave and I are impressed with the kind of leaders Usana attracts, like Jeffrey St. Laurent, who are always happy to share their expertise, in order to advance the vision of Dr. Wentz - to create a world free of pain and suffering.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing testimonials. It was a pleasure meeting you both and look forward to more growth.

    In Great Health,
    Jeff St.Laurent