Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dr. Peter Rugg Inspires For A Healthier Lifestyle

Nothing inspires a person to adopt a healthier lifestyle than to hear emergency medical doctor, Dr. Peter Rugg, MD, who knows the difference between "urgency" for health, and "emergency" for sickness.

Dr. Peter Rugg, MD FACEP, Internal and Emergency Board Certified, directs the emergency department at the Health Alliance Hospital in Massachusetts, and is an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

He and his wife Patti, are a dynamic couple who encourage people to do everything possible daily to guard and maintain their health, so that they have optimal health lifelong. Better to take an attitude of "urgency" towards healthy habits each day, than be a patient in "emergency".

Peter is Chair of the Usana Scientific Advisory Board, which advises and collaborates with the company to provide the highest quality, science-based products on the market.

Dave and I spoke recently at a Super Saturday in the Boston area, sponsored by the Rugg's, concerning the importance of putting your finances into urgency mode as well. There is linear income, where you work hours for dollars. Or, you can make your dollars multiply for you with residual, team-based income.

We were introduced to Usana 15 years ago now, while we were both in the corporate world, on salary, working long hours, traveling and trying to fit our family life around our work schedules. Since that fateful day, when we became Usana Associates, we've discovered the power of multiplying our efforts with others, to everyone's benefit, and discovering as well the freedom of working where and when you want. Family comes first, and then the business.

Add to that, a healthier lifestyle, plus an opportunity to make a very real difference in people's lives, and you have a winning combination for a fulfilled life.

Put yourself in urgency mode, to make your health a priority each day, share that concept with others, and begin to create an ongoing, retirement kind of income.

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