Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dare to Build an Exraordinary Business

Success with a home-based business depends on a few key beliefs and actions. Test yourself and determine where you can improve:

1. Dream BIG! This path can bring all I want, or nothing. It’s MY choice.

What do I want to BE…_____________________________________________________

What do I want to DO…____________________________________________________

What do I want to HAVE…__________________________________________________

2. How and Where Can I Leap Out of My Comfort Zone?

Master the skills of successful sales people and leaders

What market will I study and address?

What personal growth do I need?

3. What is my Personal Brand? – It’s all about THEM !

How people perceive me says whether they will do business with me.

Bond – build relationships – provide value – respect feelings – gain trust – help

How can I improve my brand?

4. Be a Problem Solver – Dream Provider

What problem can I solve for a customer?

What is their emotional tie to health/wealth – what are their dreams?

How can I paint pictures and describe benefits that help them bond to Usana?

How can I help them take action with Usana?

Dare to be Extraordinary! Be the Best You Can Be!

Deanna Waters

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