Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boston Marathon a Testimony to Dedicated Fitness

April 22, 2010

Building a business, or keeping fit, can be likened to the Boston Marathon. I had the joy of watching 26,000 runners take that grueling course, while they were cheered on by excited fans along the way.

1. Building a business or keeping fit, isn't a sprint. Think long term. Think marathon.

2. You set a goal and then work towards it over time. You run for one mile, then two, and begin to make greater achievements as you train, eat the right foods, supplement, rest and recover. Businesses begin small and grow, as you grow personally.

3. There are ups and downs (The Boston Marathon encompasses hills, including the most difficult, called Heartbreak Hill). With business and fitness, there are peaks and valleys, but you keep your eye on the prize and keep going.

4. The cheering crowds truly energize the marathoners. So, we need people to cheer us on in our endeavours as well.....and be sure to cheer for others around you as well. Your energy can energize others.

5. Not everyone will run a marathon. That's okay. We all have our own goals, falls and successes. At least with a marathon, there is a map and the runners know exactly where they are going. Others in life, just drift along. Imagine what you could accomplish when you write out your goals, action plans and then make them happen. It works!

Have a great day with a purpose!

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