Thursday, April 8, 2010

Boost Your Business With Six Simple Steps

There’s no way around it. To be successful with a home based business, you have to build relationships and discover what’s important to people. When you think of it as an adventure to make a difference in people’s lives, it becomes fun to share your products and business opportunity with others!

  1. No more Procrastination…..Put Goals into Action.

Procrastination and fear of failure are the two biggest obstacles to success in a home based business. Remember that interest by others in your products and business opportunity, is all about timing in their lives. So don't be held back when the response isn't positive immediately.

Set your goals and stick to them. For example, determine to talk to two new people a day, follow up with two people a day and schedule at least two presentations a week. All of that activity will help you sponsor two or more people a month. Count on 10 no’s to get a yes. You can go back to the others later.

  1. Not a Salesperson? No Problem! Find the Hot Button.

How many people tell you that they can’t sell? The truth is, everybody sells something every day, especially themselves. Point out that when a person is passionate about their products and business opportunity, people will want what they have. Enthusiasm is infectious.

. Ask questions: “Bill, what’s important about health to you? If money wasn’t a problem, what would you do with your life? If you had another $200 or $300 a week coming into your budget, would that make a difference? Are you able to write off a portion of your utilities and house expenses with a home-based business?”

You are simply a problem solver.

Find out what your contact is interested in, then cater your presentation to that need or want. Focus on what the prospect is looking for. It is not what we want to sell. It is all about them.

  1. Let the Sales Tools Do the Talking

An excellent network marketing company, like Usana, provides a wide variety of tools to pass on to your contacts. Always have key ones on hand, complete with a sticker containing your name, phone number, e-mail address and website or blog, and also give them your business card with the same information. Your e-mail signature should contain all that information as well. Don’t expect others to supply the tools.

Ask people how they’d like to research the company:....on the Internet, CD’s, DVD’s, or literature and then give them what suits them best. Set a time and place to meet again in person or by phone.

  1. Use Technology to Leverage Your Time

New technology requires you to get out of your comfort zone. It can be a big step and one that requires constant learning! You have every opportunity to leverage your time, speaking to many people at one time on webcasts for instance, while still giving personal attention. Take advantage of the various corporate and team conference calls and Live Meetings provided and invite guests to participate as well.

  1. Events. Events. Events.

Larger events serve as a gateway for your guests to have a sneak preview of who you are, what you do, and what you offer.

We have never seen anyone be truly successful, who isn’t fully committed to weekly and special functions. Your guests enjoy the energy of the group, and you are all constantly learning and receiving motivation together.

  1. Quality, Not Quantity

Your time is valuable! Remember that to get your business rolling, it just takes two quality people committed to building a successful network marketing business. Then help those Associates find two good team members as quickly as possible. A few quality people who are self-motivated, will accomplish more than many who do little.

Each person you sponsor requires time to interview, sponsor and train. Involve others on the team for this process. Ask questions to see if they fit your criteria. Give them a little homework and see if they do it. You can even ask them what attributes they bring to the team.

To make a real difference, you are looking for people who are committed to learning and who take action to rise to the top and take others with them.

Six simple steps can make the difference between mediocre or massive results with your network marketing business. Just do all six and reap the rewards!


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