Friday, March 5, 2010

Usana Las Vegas Celebration Amazing

"Things happen when you make them happen," exclaimed Tim Lewis, Usana Four Star Diamond. "Take your mouth off mute and go into massive action!"

Tim, a dynamic speaker and trainer, finished off the first powerful day of inspiring messages from other business leaders, including Tim Sales, international network marketing guru, at the Las Vegas Usana Celebration.

Dr. Myron Wentz, PhD, and Founder of Usana, revealed ground breaking research and treatments for multiple sclerosis, at The Sanoviv Medical Center, based on the recent findings in Italy, that MS is caused by an obstruction or narrowing of the viens to the brain. The Sanoviv medical center now has the equipment to diagnose MS patients for this condition. They have also funded research to treat the problem and the autoimmune system of those with this disease.

Usana CEO, Dave Wentz, challenged us to ask, "What is holding me back from reaching my full potential with Usana?" He said that personal development is critical, because the limits are in your mind. When you communicate the vision of Usana effectively, people will choose the products and/or the business opportunity and your world will expand. Your life will have a huge impact on the world.

A panel of IDC (Independent Distributor's Council) members, stressed the importance of Usana's stellar technology. Everyone should complete the e-Apprentice training and have their team do that as well. Have new Associates go there immediately. Become proficient with Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Twitter, and link into Usana's blogs and internet sites. The next generation is online and texting.

We were brought up to date on the many third party accolades showered on Usana over the past year. The company sponsored 96 athletes in the recent Olympics, garnering 22 medals which would put us fifth for medals if we were a country. We were introduced to many of the stars in the entertainment industry who are also lauding Usana and its products.

Bottom line: Push through your personal fears and doubts. Never give up. Keep learning. Attend Celebrations, local events and the International Convention. Be an active player in the game of life with posture and enthusiasm. You will have a lasting impact on the health and wealth of others, as well as yourself.

Deanna Waters

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