Thursday, March 4, 2010

Robert Allen Says to Dream Big

Robert Allen, New York Times best selling author of such books as, "Multiple Streams of Income", "The One Minute Millionaire", and his latest, "Cash in a Flash", told the winners of a major competition, celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona. "You have to dream big. Plan now to go the very top."

Robert Allen is a renowned motivational speaker and Two Star Diamond with Usana Health Sciences. He knows the commitment it takes to reach the highest levels of success.

So, what kind of traits do successful business leaders have? What kind of person should you be looking for to partner with in your business?

Robert Allen calls them Pearls...

P - a people person - positive - personable

E - Expressive, enthusiastic

A - Action oriented

R - Relationship oriented... Restless

L - Leaders in whatever they do

S - Self-driven, Self-motivated, Social networks

Of course. every leader is unique. But generally, people who have persevered through the ups and downs of building a strong, residual income, realize this is a journey worth taking. They will change many lives for the better in the process. They are always learning and opening new doors for meeting people. They might be your next door neighbor, a business colleague or someone you meet at your kids' soccer game.

Find the Pearls (they might be in the rough right now). Be a Pearl yourself, and over time, you'll be a Diamond!

Enjoy your day!

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