Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More #Secrets from the #Usana Las Vegas Celebration

The two-day Usana Celebration conference in Las Vegas was packed with health and fitness information from such experts as Dr. Ray Strand, MD, Dr. Tim Wood, PhD, Marie Bertrand,MS, skin scientist, Dr. Christine Wood, pediatrition, Kathy Kaehler, personal trainer for Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, Kim Bassinger and more...

It all comes down to adopting a healthy lifestyle and using the full Usana product line for optimal health for your cells. The Usana products continue to be ranked number one in North America and beyond.

Then, we heard from management and Associate leaders, on how to share this great company more effectively with others.

Where do I start to give you a few nuggets? How can I condense two amazing days down into a few blog posts? It's a reminder that when you are serious about building a strong, lifetime, residual income with Usana, you need to find a way to attend these events. It's your university training, in essence.

The excitement and enthusiasm of the speakers is infectious. We heard from single Moms and young people who were once desititute, but upon embracing Usana and determining to learn how to build a business, are now secure financially and helping others achieve greater abundance in their lives too. Along with that comes more energy and overall wellness through the products.

Here's a little tip: Sometimes Associates don't know what to say when people ask them what they do. Samples: "I'm a marketing director for an internationally renowned company in the wellness industry. It's very exciting." ... or.... "I opened my own international marketing business in the wellness industry. In fact, I'm always looking for sharp people who have a big vision for their lives."

You can play with those approaches to make them your own. Several speakers stressed that we shouldn't say that this is "easy", but rather that it takes consistent effort, like with any business. It's not for quitters. It requires constant learning, commitment and the kind of joy that jumps over obstacles.

Well, I'll pass along more detailed information on another day. Meanwhile, be thankful for all that Usana provides and share with confidence. People "read" you. They will be drawn to Usana through your integrity and excitment.

Deanna Waters

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