Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leaders in Business Are Persistent

Are you committed to being successful in your Usana business? Then be in the Top 20%.....

There's an 80/20 rule for just about anything in life.

In schools, only 20% of the parents serve on the board or volunteer.

In church, only 20% of the people serve on committees and help out with the youth or seniors.

In Usana, only 20% of Associates are truly committed to staying the course, to reach Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and beyond. Those who do, are in the top 10% earnings of all Canadians and Americans. It's definitely worth the effort!

However, it's a choice. Make excuses, or make money. Change lives with these incredible products, or coast.

What does it take?

Three important dynamics, have helped us, and we believe can improve your odds to develop an increasing, steady income:

1. Persistence...

Leaders are persistent learners.
Leaders attend weekly events, Celebrations and the International Convention. They order Lifemasters each month and tune into the weekly conference calls. They order the motivational materials available through Usana: books, CD's and DVD's. They learn from the best, constantly.

Leaders take persistent action on daily, monthly and yearly goals.
When the going gets tough, when their businesses slow down for a while, they push through and find new markets and new ways to generate sales and partnerships.

2. A Positive Attitude

When you are "down", call up. When you are "up", call down.
You've probably heard that before. When you get "stuck" with a problem call someone more experienced than you, your sponsor or a mentor. One year, I paid for weekly mentoring through MLM University, and it was so very helpful. At other times, I've hired local business mentors to give me an outside perspective and input.

Then, when YOU are inspired and excited, call others on your team to encourage them. Also, make yourself available for when they need a "push" or advice.

3. Prayer...

This goes with looking up....
Discover a spiritual walk for yourself. Recognize that there is a God who loves you and who cares about you.

It's often during the quiet times of prayer and praise, that fresh ideas come to my mind. That's when I pray for others on our team. I also pray for wisdom with everyone I meet, to understand their real needs, and to understand where Usana could add value to their lives.

We've noticed that team members who feel they can build their businesses without a team effort, begin to flounder, and so do those who join them. Together, we are all stronger. Since you happen to live in God's world, I encourage you to include Him in your conversations and in your business.

Whether you are "up" or "down", look up. There is greater power, wisdom, love, joy and peace waiting for you.

Be persistent. Cultivate a Positive Attitude. Be prayerful.

You'll find yourself in the 20% Club.

Deanna Waters 204-237-8250

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