Monday, March 15, 2010

#Intestinal Bacteria Key to Better #Health

New research into the link between obesity and harmful intestinal bacteria, reveals that germs in the gut may help drive appetite.

"People are getting obese because they're eating more, but the study suggests the reason they're eating more may not be that calories are cheap and available," says Dr. Andrew Gerwirtz, senior author of a study recently published in the journal Science. "The reason they're eating more may be an increased appetite resulting from changes in intestinal bacteria."

According to an article in Canada's national paper, The Globe and Mail, Friday, March 5, 2010, everyone is born with a sterile digestive tract that within days is flooded with bacteria from first foods and the environment.

"Altered immunity means somewhat different bacteria grows in the intestines, than in normal people, driving bigger appetites, metabolic syndrome and a low-grade inflammation believed key to obesity's illnesses.

So, how do we ensure that our guts have enough specific good bacteria to neutralize the harmful bacteria?

Even if we're not obese or overweight, how will good bacteria, or probiotics, help us?

Everything you ingest must go through your digestive system, which in turn, provides all the micro and macronutrients your body's cells need to function properly. Therefore, maintaining your digestive health is crucial for maintaining your overall health.

We hear about probiotics on television ads telling us about 10 billion good bacteria in yogurts.

So what makes Usana's ProBiotics Plus as good or better than the yogurts?

Usana Probiotic Plus is a blend of 12 billion probiotic bacteria that is clinically proven to promote healthy digestion, sound immune function and regularity. The bacterial strains were carefully selected to survive the harsh environment of the stomach to ensure effective colonization of the GI tract.

And of course, characteristic of Usana products, Probiotic Plus is pharmaceutical grade and guaranteed to remain effective for at least 18 months when stored at room temperature. Few probiotics products can make these claims.

This means you can easily carry the stick packs when travelling. It's not so easy to do that with yogurt!

And it's so easy to take. I love it.
Just add a stick pack to your favorite Nutrimeal or Fibergy drink mix, or to water, every 1 or 2 days.

The more I read about the link between probiotics, the digestive system, obesity and total health, I am convinced to take charge of my health with Usana's ProBiotic Plus.

Deanna Waters

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