Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Simple, Early Truths Can Affect Your Business.

Kindergarten. Grade One. The lessons learned back then, can have a profound effect on every aspect of your life, your business dealings and pretty well all of your relationships.

Think about it.

Back then, there were no limits. The world was yours. And so many of the guidelines set as a child, hold true today. Very simple truths....

Be polite. Say please and thank you. Listen to your teachers.

Give thanks at every meal and at bedtime.

Expect good things to happen. Dream big without limits. Explore. Keep learning.

Respect others. Don't grab other people's toys. Share. Don't push.

Be good to your parents. Get along with your brothers and sisters.

Play nicely with your friends. Give everyone on the team a chance to shine.

Cheer for everybody. Help somebody get up when they fall down.

When YOU fall down, dust yourself off and try again.

If something needs to be done, do it! Don't wait to be asked.

Do a good job, whether anybody is looking or not. Ask for help.

Jump. Skip. Sing. Dance.

Say you are sorry. Forgive over and over. Learn from your mistakes.

Be on time. Sit quietly. Participate when asked. Be happy.

Take your boots off at the door. Hang your coat up.

Keep your space tidy. Eat healthy meals and snacks. Drink lots of water.

Play outside. Take a nap every day. Go to bed on time. Pray and talk to God.

Laugh freely. Be thankful. Don't pout.

See? It all applies throughout life, in any situation. What you learned in kindergarten and grade one is priceless.

In fact, applying those simple guidelines can lead to inner happiness, success, more free time, and financial freedom.

Think about it. I'll bet you can add to the list.

Guess I'll go for a walk outside now....

Deanna Waters

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