Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympic Medals Are A Combined Effort

When you see each one of the athletes competing in the Olympics, picture a whole array of people who helped send them there.

You see me here at the gym, but a personal trainer is the one who directs my progress. Imagine the coaches, personal trainers, massage therapists, chiropractors, MD's, sports psychologists and more....surrounding each athlete for the past four years and more.

I'm so proud that Usana is playing an important role for 100 of the Olympic athletes, with optimal nutritional support.

Then, the various levels of government and other business leaders have increased their financial support, realizing that if we want to win medals, we have to create the finest facilities, provide funds to travel to compete at the world level, and offer up the best equipment and sports clothing. It's a team effort to reach the top.

Who supports you in your health and finance journey?

Think back to your parents, teachers and professors who guided you in your earliest years. An article in the Globe and Mail, Feb. 24, 2010 outlines the ten year adventure of the parents of Gold medalists in ice dancing, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, of Canada. Tessa's costumes cost $2,000 a piece and she goes through eight a year. Mom and Dad pick up the tab. And that's just the beginning. What about the skates, the travel and accommodations for everyone, including the coaches? Imagine re-mortgaged homes and debts, but they do it with joy. For the most part, skaters are expected to cover their own expenses.

So, back to you. What kind of support is provided for your journey with Usana? Whether you have goals to reach the various levels such as Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond, or you just want to stay healthy and make a little income on the side, there is ample support.

Check out the Usana corporate website: Spend time going through each link. Then, log on to the Associate site, where you'll find every kind of training for business, and lots of product information.

Go through the e-Apprentice training online, to give your business a flying start. Tune into the weekly conference calls. Attend the Celebrations and International Convention to learn from the scientists, doctors and business leaders. Take an active part in local events, or start some yourself. Create a mastermind group with crossline Usana Associates in other centers.

I have attended many seminars on business, including a weekend at the University of Chicago, which centered on network marketing. The opportunities for growth are endless. Check out all the books, CD's, DVD's and other materials available through Usana. Personal growth in any business, is what takes you to the higher levels.

Check out the Usana blogs every day, starting with: to keep current on the many wonderful accolades and activities happening within the company. Pass on the news to others through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Linkedin.

You have maximum support with Usana to reach your dreams. Dare to dream. Dare to move forward in a great way, to make your dreams and goals come true!


  1. Excellent article Deanna! With so much being invested in us by USANA & by wonderful partners like you, the only limits we have are those we place on ourselves!

  2. You're so right! Usana provides amazing support to help everyone share the vision for optimal health and financial freedom.