Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Olympians Gear Up Against Germs

Olympic athletes have logged thousands of hours training in gyms, racing down mountains, battling on ice. They've competed with the best in the world to arrive in Vancouver for the Olympic Games.

But there is a dreaded foe that surrounds them in their travels. Germs. So they do everything they can to prevent a performance-crippling bout of illness.

Surgical masks. Hand sanitizers. Naps. Flu shots. Nutritious foods. A good night's rest. Supplements.

Even supplements scare them. Where's the guarantee they won't be disqualified for a hidden outlawed ingredient? It's a very real dilemma.

Enter Usana Health Sciences, with a million dollar guarantee to these athletes that there are no banned substances in the Usana supplements. The key products are listed in the physician's guides in the U.S. and Canada, being pharmaceutical grade, guaranteed for potency and purity.

Not only are they safe, but they are formulated at optimal levels for those who want optimal health, and nutritional ammunition to deal with germs, stress and the rigors of sports activities.

What are some of the preferred products by the athletes sponsored by Usana?

From what I have been told: the Essentials, the Health Pack, OptOmega, CoQuinone and Active Calcium Plus for starters. The athletes and their coaches choose what is best for each competitor.

So, whether you are a competitive athlete, busy executive, involved parent, gym rat or ordinary citizen, it's nice to know that you and I can also benefit from the Usana supplements, nutritional shakes, bars, energy drinks and more.

Here's to the best of health and success to Jennifer Heil, CA Freestyle Mogul Skier, 2006 Olympic Champion....Julia Murray, Canaidan Ski Cross Team, 2nd place in the Canadian Championships....Jennifer Botterill, Canadian Women's Hockey Team and 3 time Olympian....Adam Pengilly, British Skeleton Association, winner of 11 medals.

Then.....the teams: U.S. and Canadian Speedskating teams....U.S. Luge....Canadian Biathlon....Canadian Cross Country Ski....UK Short Track

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