Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Fear For Jennifer Botterill, Two Olympic Gold Medals

Jennifer Botterill, two-time Olympic Gold medalist with the Canadian Women's Hockey Team, and also a Silver Medalist, is a member of Team Usana. She is aiming for another Gold in Vancouver. So far, the team is winning their games handily.

When she was interviewed on television this week, she was asked whether she was ever nervous or afraid.

"Fear. Stress. Anxiety. I ask myself what's the best part of this and make it work for me," she answered.

I am pondering how that relates to my journey in sharing the Usana vision with others.

Jennifer's father, Dr. Cal Botterill, has been a great influence in her life. He teaches courses at the University of Winnipeg, in Sport Psychology, Psychological Skills in Sport and Life, Issues in Sport, and Growth and Development Through Physical Activity.

What is her attitude? "Wanting to succeed"

How does she cope with the pressures? "Play with a free mind and an unburdened heart. I feel free."

And what advice did she think her Dad would give her for the Olympics? "Enjoy every moment." When the interviewer asked her father, from a different location, what advice he would give her, he answered, "Enjoy every moment."

How wonderful to see the respect between a father and daughter, the synergy of thought.

I think back to the positive attributes my own father added to my life. And then, I think of all the other people who have brought value in some way. At Usana, so many team members and leaders from around the world have encouraged us. They make me so thankful for the opportunity to pursue our dreams and to make a real difference in the lives of other people.

Who inspired you to believe in yourself and to reach for big dreams?

If you are reading this blog through to the end, I know you are having an impact on everyone you meet.

Why? Leaders are always learning, wanting to improve and cheering others on.
They don't stop half way.

Please add your positive ideas in the comments section of this blog....

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