Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mountains In Vancouver, Mountains to Conquer in Your Life

The Vancouver Olympic Winter Games are plagued with challenges on the mountains.

Do you have mountains of challenges too, at times?

First, in the Vancouver area, there was a lack of snow on the mountains, due to balmy weather and rain. So the organizers countered with truckloads of snow from neighboring mountains to provide good runs for skiers and snowboarders.

Just lately, 30,000 standing room only tickets were cancelled for some races, because the ground was too wet and slushy. Fog also caused race delays, when athletes couldn't see the runs properly.

Yet, the spirit of the athletes and audiences remained positive and flexible.

The organizers are stepping up to the challenges, determined to make this a successful event for everyone involved.

That's the goal for each of us too. Whatever the circumstances personally or in business, the goal is to focus on the goal and move forward positively.

When Kristina Groves, Canadian 2010 Bronze Medalist in Speed Skating, turns on her laptop, the first thing she sees is a close-up photo of her own eyes staring back at her. The photo is a mental reminder to focus. (Globe & Mail, Feb. 15, 2010)

It obviously works. What are a few ways to keep your focus with your Usana business?

1. Set specific times aside in your schedule each day to make calls and follow up with e-mails etc.

2. Only answer your phone on the hour and then check for messages, so that you have no interruptions when working on a project.

3. Tape favorite television shows and watch them when "business" is over. Do the same with organizing. Don't do that during the times when you could be communicating with people.

4. Program time for fun too.

5. Say out loud to yourself and others, "I love what I do!" and you'll find yourself looking for time and ways to build your business.

Add other ways to focus in the comment box below. I'd love to hear from you! (And oh yes, I realize that the photo in the post isn't from Vancouver. It's from our Usana cruise to the Mediterranean last summer. Tempting to go there again....)

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  1. Great tips, Deanna! I'd be lost without my little "stickies" program on my Mac. Perhaps one of the greatest feelings is completing the final task for the day and deleting it from the list.

    Hope you're enjoying the Games.