Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jennifer Heil to Deliver Canada's First Gold Medal?

No pressure on Jennifer Heil. The Globe and Mail is declaring her Canada's first hope for a gold medal at the Olympic Winter Games. Have you ever worked under those kinds of expectations in business?

What would be required to win a Gold medal in your life? What would cause you to stretch out your arms and declare, "Victory!"

How does Jennifer answer the newspaper, expecting her to win the first gold medal? "In terms of winning Canada's first gold medal - I don't see any different value in who wins a medal, whether it's Day 1 or Day 7. I know how hard it is and how much effort goes into winning any Olympic medal"

Jennifer is a valued member of team Usana as well as Team Canada. I don't suppose any of us could even imagine the physical pain, mental hardness needed, the flexibility in attitudes and schedules, and more, that these world class athletes endure day after day, year after year.

Jennifer is a freestyle skier who won a gold in Turin, becoming the first Canadian woman to win an Olympic medal in moguls skiing.

As she told the Globe reporter, "I've been working very hard over the last four years to be prepared. I know where I need to be, where my mind needs to be to deliver a great performance. So that's where I'm focused right now."

How many of us are that sure of where we are going with our various businesses? Do we put that kind of dedication into building a world renowned kind of reputation and result? I am in awe of these amazing athletes.

We'll be cheering for Jenn Heil, and perhaps getting inspired ourselves to step up to challenges with greater zeal and preparation.

Thanks to the Olympic athletes for setting the bar high, to encourage us all to persevere, to prepare, to savor the journey, and to focus.

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