Friday, February 26, 2010

Jennifer Botterill Credits Mental Toughness

What helped the Canadian Women's Hockey team beat out the U.S. 2 - 0 to win the Gold Medal?

"We had the mental toughness and intensity going into the game," explained 30 year old Jennifer Botterill, speaking with a CTV reporter after the win. Jennifer is a member of Team Usana, and the proud owner of two golds and one silver at 3 Olympic Games.

"We felt ready and we had the confidence, so we drew on it," she continued. "The U.S. brings their best, which makes us play better."

Jennifer Botterill is a household name in my home city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We've seen her excel in international hockey while studying at Harvard University, and through the years, at the Olympics.

Her attitude towards hockey challenges my attitude in business.

Do I have the mental toughness and intensity to meet the competition with confidence?

Am I a great team player?

Am I prepared and ready for whatever circumstances come my way?

Of course, we all need our rest time too, just like Olympians, which clears our minds and gives us more energy and strength. Just be in motion more than you are sitting on the sofa!

There are people out there who need what we have to offer. They just don't know it yet. It's our job to be prepared. Ready to ask the right questions. To listen. To solve problems. To help them discover where what we have to offer will add value to their lives.

The Olympians lift us up, whether or not they win medals. They inspire us with their tenacity and enthusiasm. They don't give up.

In the same way, everyone in the business world who is out there giving it their best shot, is an Olympian, no matter what their level of success. Aspire for Gold and you'll always rise above what you might have done otherwise.


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