Monday, February 15, 2010

Apolo Anton Ohno Captures Medal on Comeback

Apolo Anton Ohno, Silver medalist in the recent Olympic men's 1500 meters speed skating race, member of Team Usana, had retired as a five time Olympic medalist, who then enjoyed new challenges, like winning television's popular program, "Dancing with Stars". He had fame and fortune, a great opportunity to retire from competition.

What lured him back to the Olympics 2010? Why would he put himself through the rigors of hours in the gym, and more hours running up and down steep hills? What makes anyone make a comeback?

"It was the pursuit of victory," he told an NBC reporter. "It was me conquering myself." He asks others, "Did you do everything you possibly could today to be the best?"

His goal, he said, was to be the most decorated American of all the U.S. in history. That would mean adding two Olympic medals to his record. Just one more Olympic medal and he owns the coveted title of winning the most number of medals by an American.

With the amazing feat of registering six Olympics medals, Apolo Anton Ohno this week earned the much coveted title of being the most successful male short-track skater in the history of the United States, surpassing long-track star Eric Heiden. Since 2001, Apolo Anton Ohno is also known to be the United States champion and also winning the men’s national title as many as 12 times.

With more races to go, we're cheering for Apolo Ohno to capture another medal and reach his goal. He has the drive, the talent, the fortitude and the strategies to make it.

What an inspiration for any of us, to do what is necessary to reach our loftiest goals.

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