Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Younger Adults At Highest Risk for Heart Disease

Heart Disease is building rapidly in adults in their 20's, 30's and 40's according to a news cast last night.

Forty per cent are overweight or obese. One third smoke. High Blood Pressure is common.

Yet, when the news casters interviewed the likely candidates, they all said they were healthy and living a good lifestyle. No one knew the danger signs of heart disease.

So, going out for a hike with the kids' is good for them. It's extremely important for the parents as well! Get to the gym three times a week. Go for walks outside, in the malls, wherever you can. Keep your weight in check. Include cardio plus weight bearing exercise.

And keep your salt intake low, fiber high. Include Omega 3's (I take the Usana BiOmega fish oil capsules and/or the BiOmega vegetable oils in my Nutrimeal shakes).

Other nutrients are important: Proflavanol grape seed extract with vitamin C.....CoQuinone (CoQ10 antioxidant) Active Calcium Plus with magnesium and vitamin D. And oh yes, Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin is so important for the heart.

Be good to your heart every day.....whatever your age.

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