Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get Heart Smart—February Is Heart Health Month

Two of my latest posts dealt with heart disease developing in the 20's, 30's and 40's, rather than just in Baby Boomers. Our choice of lifestyle can create a devastating or positive result.

My father died of a heart attack at age 58, having had his first heart scare in his 40's. He was a lifelong chain smoker and lived under constant stress as an executive in the corporate world.
Exercise wasn't stressed much back then. However, one good choice he made was to take time off to relax fishing.

What lifestyle changes can we make to protect our hearts?

. Even a few minutes a week of strenuous exercise can make a difference! One study headed up by Dr. James Timmons of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, indicates that short bursts of intense physical activity, adding up to just several minutes a week, may do more to help prevent diabetes and possibly heart disease than many hours spent in the gym.

There goes the excuse that we don't have time to exercise!

"We have shown for the first time that this approach has dramatic effects on insulin function and the ability of the body to properly process glucose," says Dr.Timmons. For their study, the researchers recruited 16 sedentary but generally healthy men. The volunteers used stationary exercise bikes to pedal as hard and as fast as they could for 30 seconds, then rested for four minutes. They repeated the exercise a total of four times. This brief, strenuous routine was performed two or three times a week.

Within just two weeks, the young men experienced, on average, a 23-per-cent improvement in how well they used insulin, according to the findings published in the journal BMC Endocrin Disorders. In theory, minimizing the glucose highs should help protect the heart.

. Why is vitamin C so important to preventing a heart attack? According to Dr. Linus Pauling, two time Nobel prize winner, cells are glued together by collagen, and vitamin C is necessary to manufacture it and maintain its strength. Pauling believed that an insufficient amount of vitamin C weakens coronary vessels, causing tiny cracks. Blood clots develop and the result can be lethal. (Therefore, I take Usana's patented Poly C every day.)

With February announced as Heart Health Month, USANA is helping you maintain already sound cardiovascular health in a big way. For this month only, USANA is offering the Heart Smart Pack! Complete with Optimizers Proflavanol® 90 (with vitamin C), CoQuinone, and BiOmega dietary supplements, the Heart Smart Pack is a great way to fight free radicals and give your heart the support it needs.

Sounds like an ad, I know, but adding optimal supplements to your diet, is just another smart choice to give your heart the best support possible.

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