Thursday, January 21, 2010

Curling Is Good for the Mind and Body

This week I took up curling to support a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, a very worthy organization.

In this case, curling provided an avenue for giving back to needy children in the community. In the photo, you'll see our professional coach, Trevor Wall from Toronto, (middle) and then John Heppenstall and Guy Thomas from HEP Communications, my teammates. What a fun time!

Of course, curling on a regular basis has many other benefits.

1. Healthy exercise in fresh air. Be sure to practice your lunges to prepare for throwing the rocks. Then, do back, leg and arm exercises for the concerted sweeping that is often needed.

2. Brain function. When you watch the pros, there is amazing strategizing and calculating going on in the brain as they determine the exact way to play the game. The execution of those plans is also unbelievable. If you want to avoid Dementia, keep your brain active with curling!

3. Social Wellbeing. How often do you read that people who suffer a loss, or have a serious illness, cope much better when they have a strong support system of friends and family? That helps for your daily wellbeing as well. And curling is one of those sports where people have a friendly competition and a joyful time together before and after a game.

More and more serious curlers are now spending time in gyms to develop a strong body, balance and stamina. Many are taking nutritional supplements as well. The Usana Health Pack and Rev3 energy drinks are favorites.

If you're looking for a sport that gives a variety of benefits for any age group, consider Curling.

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