Thursday, November 26, 2009

Skip Your Way to Better Health

Remember skipping as a kid? I used to do that for hours with friends, often with the longer rope so that two or three could skip together.

I don't see kids doing that anymore. They are playing with their Wii on the computer, often with the exercise or games programs, which is great.

However, if my personal trainer has me and professional athletes, like Jared Connell, Canada's top tennis player in his age group, (seen above) skipping at the gym, I have to assume that it's good for the cardiovascular system, plus the joints and leg muscles. Maybe it's good for the diaphragm also, when you do it right. And any age can skip. What do you think? Have you skipped lately?

It's something you can do at home, inside or out. You can get skipping ropes for your children and grandchildren, and do it together. Have fun and stay fit!

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