Monday, March 30, 2009

The Weight Management Journey Continues....

People magazine just featured Valerie Bertinelli in a bikini on its April 6, 2009 cover. She's 48 and looks fabulous.

At 5'4" she had tipped the scales at 172 lbs., more than 40 lbs over her goal weight. In about one year, according to the article, she's down to 125 lbs and holding. The holding part takes just as much discipline and work as the initial weight loss.

Here's her 60 minute bikini workout routine:
1) Cardio: Overall, run on a treadmill for 30 - 40 minutes, sometimes breaking that up in 5 minute segments, followed by strength exercises.

2) Strength training, using resistance bands along with weights to perform her series of alternating combinations of up to 25 triceps dips, 20 push-ups, up to 30 squats, step-ups and over 100 sit-ups total.

This routine is very similar to what I do in the gym 3 times a week, only hers is more intense. It makes me realize that I need to do more at home on my own.

It helps to wear a pedometer every day, to be sure you accomplish 10,000 steps or so, since cardio is so important.

I have found the Usana Nutrimeal shakes, fiber drinks and energy bars helpful to reduce carb cravings and to give me sustained energy through the day. Many people use the company's Reset Protocol to jumpstart a weight management program, as well as to reset their metabolism and clean out toxins.

Meanwhile, I'm inspired by Valerie Bertinelli. However, I still don't see myself wearing a bikini anytime soon.

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