Thursday, February 5, 2009

Too much sodium in pizza!

What a shock! We took pizza to a Super Bowl party the other night and awoke to the following article on the amount of sodium in a slice of pizza.
Then, consider all the calories, and this would be my personal photo in no time!
From now on, it’s make our own, or avoid pizza altogether. That, or invite a stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure or kidney disease…..
(Actually, if you make inquiries, you can find healthier pizza choices at specialty outlets, and delicious too!)

(From Canwest News Service, Monday, February 2, 2009)

Another slice? Think twice
Too much sodium in just two pieces
By: Sharon Kirkey

A new survey explains why beer goes so well with pizza: You need it to wash down what can be two times the recommended amount of sodium in just two slices.

Three national groups that scanned nutritional information posted on the websites of a dozen popular pizza chains across the country found two slices of pizza can contain hundreds of milligrams more sodium than the daily upper tolerable limit for people.

The Canadian Stroke Network, The Canadian Obesity Network and the Advanced Foods and Material Network found:
. Two slices of a Pepperoni Lover's large stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut contain 3,000 mg of sodium -- double the recommended daily intake for adults of 1,500 mg.

. Two slices of a large Rustic Italian pizza at Boston Pizza contain 2,580 mg of sodium. The recommended upper tolerable limit of sodium for adults is 2,300 mg.

. One large slice of Meat Supreme from a walk-in Pizza Pizza restaurant contains 2,400 mg of sodium.

"Pizzas are really loaded with sodium," says Kevin Willis, a Canadian Stroke Network director. "We found some pretty egregious examples."

A high-sodium diet increases blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk for heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Sodium consumption exceeds recommended levels throughout the country, according to Statistics Canada. Last year, Canadian researchers reported salt is causing up to 17,000 additional cases a year of stroke, heart attack and heart failure in Canada.

Pat Finelli, chief of marketing for Pizza Pizza, said the three groups picked "probably our worst slice", sodium wise. The Meat Supreme contains three types of meat -- sausage, pepperoni and bacon. "If you buy the multi-grain garden veggie, you're talking 1,000 mg" of sodium, he said.
Finelli said Pizza Pizza has been working with its suppliers to reduce sodium in its sauce and cheeses.

Pizza Hut and Boston Pizza could not be reached for comment.

The groups found healthier pizza choices. Two slices of thin crust beef taco pizza from Panago contains 260 mg of sodium.

Willis recommends choosing a thin crust versus a thick crust and less meat and cheese. "Better still, ... make it yourself from fresh ingredients..."
-- Canwest News Service

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