Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Fit and Healthy With Kathy Kaehler, Celebrity Trainer.

What leads to greater health and fitness?

Kathy Kaehler, best selling author of Fit and Sexy for Life, Real World Fitness, and celebrity trainer for such clients as Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston, believes that everyone, at any age should adopt a lifestyle that incorporates fitness, good nutrition, and a positive outlook.

Kathy has devoted her life to helping people live happy, productive and healthy lives.

As a fitness correspondent for the Today show for 13 years and now a spokesperson for Usana Health Sciences, Kathy Kaehler explains why she has partnered with Usana:  "The cutting edge of fitness, exercise equipment, and supplements, and anything that can make your body better than it is and better than it can be , is where I am going to look.   USANA and I have created a powerful relationship that will educate people on proper lifestyle habits in health, diet and nutrition."

In this photo, you see a family roller blading together.  They could also go downhill or cross country skiing, skating, tobogganing or just go for walks in a park.

Some people use an exercise ball as a chair in their offices, to promote better posture. And no doubt there are books showing all the different ways you can exercise in the office setting.

Personally, I have a mini-gym in our lower floor at home, with a treadmill, rowing machine, balls, weights and exercise bands. However, it takes real commitment to make my way there in the morning.  As an added incentive, I enjoy incorporating some of Kathy's videos with my workouts.

A major inspiration for me to start my day with some exercise, is to put praise music on at the same time, and get some prayer and thanksgiving in while walking, lifting and doing abs. It's a great way to go through your prayer list. Try it.

Actually, I do work out three days a week for an hour each time with a personal trainer. This fellow is an exercise physiologist, so he really challenges me. That's a good thing.

I encourage you to find what you enjoy doing to stay healthy and fit, and be committed on a daily basis.  Take a look at Kathy's tapes and books for great inspiration.

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