Monday, February 2, 2009

Introducing a great reason to go to the gym....

Another morning at the gym..... I wish I could say this photo is of me, but it resembles most of the other people who are there. Slim. Nice abs. Younger.

However, there are also people of every shape, age and size lifting weights and riding bikes. At least at the gym where I work out, the people are upbeat and quietly pushing themselves to improve. No one laughs at me. In fact, they cheer me on and I do the same for them.

The atmosphere in itself, is good for one's health. I remember reading an article once that says you will live longer if people clap for you. Like those who actually win an Academy Award as Best Actor or Actress, will live longer than those who missed the mark.

Since most of us aren't likely to win an Academy Award, we can get claps on the back from friends and co-workers for a job well done.....or you can count on claps at a Toastmasters function, no matter how bad your speech....and then you can win awards at school or in your business endeavors.

But back to the gym, aerobics session, yoga or dance class, you'll get claps from the instructor and high fives from fellow fitness freaks. It's rewarding.

Be sure to give someone a clap today. Start with me. I welcome your comments.

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